Discover Limburg

Sights and activities in the region

South Limburg is a unique area compared to the rest of the Netherlands. Not only for the characteristic hilly landscape, but also for the culture, traditions and typical Burgundian atmosphere. Eigenheimer Bed & Breakfast is situated right in the middle of it and is therefore the perfect starting point for your discovery of South Limburg.

Below you will find a selection of fun and interesting sights and activities in the region, plus a number of useful websites where you can find even more tourist information about the region.

Interesting cities in the area

Thanks to its central location Simpelveld has several nice and unique cities nearby that are worth visiting, such as Maastricht, Heerlen, Aachen (DE) or Liege (BE). Taste the different cultures!

Hills & Valleys

When you drive into Zuid Limburg, you immediately feel and see the difference! Discover the most striking part of The Netherlands and enjoy the nature and tranquility in the rolling hills and deep brook valleys. From Eigenheimer Bed & Breakfast you have direct access to several hiking and cycling routes.

Wines of Zuid Limburg

You almost imagine yourself in France when you encounter the vineyards in the hilly landscape of Limburg. Thanks to the special marlstone soil, South Limburg is extremely suitable for viniculture. Discover, taste and enjoy! Visit one of the many vineyards, participate in a wine tasting or walk along the wine routes.

A special landscape

The characteristic landscape of Limburg is one of the few places in the Netherlands where the Cretaceous period is still visible and tangible. Go on an underground adventure and visit the labyrinth of unique marl caves located at various places in South Limburg.

Taste Limburg

In Zuid Limburg they know what true enjoyment means. We are known for our delicious local food and drinks. Discover and taste our special regional products from the south, such as the countless unique beers, special wines and other tasty local products such as zoervleisj, real Limburg flans and syrups.

Sightseeing in the area

In the surroundings of Simpelveld there is an attraction for every taste. Visit for example the beautiful GaiaZOO or Mondo Verde in Kerkrade or go snowboarding in Snowworld in Landgraaf. All attractions are less than a 10-minute drive from Simpelveld.

Roman heritage

The oldest stone building in the Netherlands is located in Limburg. For four centuries long, Zuid Limburg was part of the great Roman Empire. Follow in the footsteps of the Romans and walk the Via Belgica route, take a look at the largest Roman excavation in the Netherlands at the Thermenmuseum in Heerlen, or visit the Roman catacombs in Valkenburg.

Relaxing & Wellness

At Eigenheimer Bed & Breakfast you can really take some time for yourself. The impressive nature, the culture of Limburg where people still have time and attention for each other and the many wellness facilities in the area make this the ideal place to relax. Enjoy a wonderful massage in Spa & Wellness St, Gerlach, or visit Thermae 2000 in Valkenburg, for a splash in the warm thermal baths.

Art & Culture

Zuid Limburg is bustling with art, culture and large-scale events and exhibitions. Limburg has much to offer all year round for every art, theater and culture lover. Be inspired in one of the many museums, galleries, participate in a workshop or enjoy an impressive theater show in one of the theaters in the area.

Business stays & company outings

Eigenheimer Bed & Breakfast is also very suitable for business stays or a unique company outing in the Limburg hillscape.

Please contact us for the possibilities.